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Busy Busy

This week seems to have flown by. I guess being busy has it's advantages. It does mean that i am going on holiday in a little over a fortnight! For anyone who doesn't know we won a holiday to LA(well Hubby did) and we go very soon. I haven't had a huge amount of time to get excited about things but am slowly starting to get organised about things now. We are staying in Anaheim and will be doing the usual Disneyland and Universal bits as well as maybe a trip down the coast to San Diego which will be very nostalgic as we spent our honeymoon there.
Monday i made some cards for the IACW blog using some stamps i got from Joanne which are Stampin Up! and are completely gorgeous and addictive! Corey and i have been having crafty days too. Monday we made hats and Tuesday we did painting.

I've been out and about this week to Birmingham. Had a lovely day shopping there on Wednesday. Please see the below picture and laugh. It's me enjoying some uber yummy dark chocolate from Hotel chocolat!
I managed too at last find a decent silver chain for my beads to go on and some of the sets on there look absolutely lush. More scrummy beads going up today but i am resisting!
Yesterday i spent the day in a graveyard, literally. I went to try and found my grandmothers grave. She was buried a pauper in a common grave so it is unmarked and although i have the plot and grave number it was near impossible to find so it will mean another visit. I did manage to find my mums adoptive parents grave though so my visit wasn't in vain.
Also forgot to mention that i had been to the hospital about my voice/cough. He thinks the cough and sore throat are down to reflux so that will mean a visit to the doctors again and probably a referral to the gastroenterologist. In terms of my hoarseness he said it is because my vocal cords are not closing properly when i speak. He came to this conclusion by putting a camera up my nose! I'm sort of glad i didn't know beforehand i would be having this done or i would have probably chickened out. It wasn't too bad actually and at least i know what's wrong now. So i have to be referred to a speech therapist! Am now waiting for an appointment.


Yes yes, i know i am such a naughty girlie!

I have been so busy with life(and family trees) that i have been a bit of a blog neglecter.
We were supposed to be going up to the lakes for easter but the weather forecast was so bad that we decided against it. I'm glad we did cause it's been snowing on and off since Friday evening.
On other fronts I don't think theres been a huge amount happening.
I haven't scrapped for a while but am going to do some cards this week for the IACW blog.
I promise i shall post more often. This Genealogy has become a bit of an obsession(and an expensive one at that!)

Meant to add

On the subject of my cough and hoarseness i am still much the same.
I visited the doctor last Friday who said my chest xray was completely normal and they were stumped and would refer me to ENT. Later on that afternoon i got a phone call from the Hospital(how quick was that!!) and so go to see them next Monday afternoon. Just hope they can fathom out what's wrong with me cause i'm just fed up with it now!


Where did the last couple of weeks go?
In all honesty i have just been super busy with a little project. Well i say a little project, i actually mean a project of major proportions!
I've decided to research my family tree and boy oh boy is it exciting. Far too much to write down here but if you do want to see what i've been up too then head over to my heritage pages.
Have been far too busy to do any scrapping but have made a few birthday cards and stuff.
Corey has been ill a couple of times in the last couple of weeks with a sickness bug but seems to be ok now. He does however seem to have had a flare up of excema. He had it when he was about 2 years old and it just showed as raised dry patches on his skin. This however is much worse and looks red and quite angry although he isn't complaining of it hurting or anything. So i shall be smothering him in E45 cream and some hydrocortisone cream for a couple of days but if it isn't any better by Friday then i shall go off to the doctors.
Today he has been in the Hydrotherapy pool at Physio and although it started out a little shaky with Corey getting a bit upset it did end with him in the water in a rubber ring. I think he really enjoyed it and he was so proud of himself! We went to John Lewis afterwards and i bought him a little car for being such a good boy.
Can't really think of anything else interesting at the minute but i'm sure i'll be back with more tomorrow :)
Ta ta for now

Yes i am currently feeling sorry for myself :(
for the last week and a bit i have been ill. Not quite sure what it is yet although it does resemble flu on some counts. I seem to have been ill on and off since around November, the main problem being a cough and hoarse voice. Currently my cough is realy bad, so bad it stops me sleeping and makes my chest hurt. Medicine doesn't seem to help and you name it i've tried it. I saw the doctor on Friday who as a last resort has given me a Salbutamol inhaler to see if it's asthma related. To be honest i don't think it's made much of a difference. I have also been for a chest xray this morning and need to go back to the doctors next week to see if it shows anything. The doctor doesn't think it will cause my chest sounds clear. So anyway, i'm feeling a bit sorry for myself right now cause i just want to feel normal again!
managed to get out to have my nails done this afternoon although i was coughing and spluttering all over poor Kate who does my nails. I don't think people around me realise how bad i feel sometimes. I tend to put a brave face on things and try to just act normally while inside i feel complete and utter 'urgh'.
Anyway, enough of me harping on!

I'll share some of the layouts with you i've been doing recently :)

I think sometime around last Sunday i must have blinked and then a week went by. Seriously, where does the time go??? To be honest i can't remember a lot of what i actually did haha!
I can remember having a nice day Tuesday with Corey because we went into town and had a Starbucks, then went to the library. Wednesday i went to York with a friend which was lovely and i ate too much as usual! Thursday was a stay at home day with Corey and Friday i went to town and mooched about all morning which was nice.
Yesterday was the crop and as usual i had a fun time. So many fabby girls there to chat and drink coffee(and eat cakes) with! I managed to get almost 3 layouts done too so was a very productive day for me(i will upload pictures later :)
This afternoon i am going to watch Sheff Utd play Middlesborough in the FA cup. It's amazing how Dave manages to get me there as i am a Sheff Weds fan! If nothing else it will be a day out!
So i guess i better go get wrapped up, the sun may be shining but it's currently about 0 degrees!

Busy Busy

It's been an incredibly busy week. But a very good week as it happens.
Started Wednesday, although that didn't go according to plan. Should have been meeting my friend in birmingham to go down to London but the trains went up the spout so she met me at Leicester and we drove to Birmingham International. Cause the car park was so full she had to park at the airport and so we missed the train. Hey Ho, it was a pleasant journey though. We scoffed cake and read magazines. However, never being on a Virgin pendalino before it wasn't the pleasantest experience cauise the tilting made me a bit quesy! Anyway we got to Euston and got a cab over the The Rathbone hotel which was great on two counts. Not only was the room lovely but it was bang on the centre of London so we could walk to Oxford Street which is what we did. Dropped off our stuff we headed off shopping.

Oxford street, Regent Street, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Carnaby street, Planet Hollywood for lunch. I was knackered and my legs hurt but i just love mooching around London! Got Corey a few toys from Hamleys which he loved when we got home. Picked a Starbucks up on the way back to the hotel and then got ready and off to see Wicked.

I have to say it's one of the best musical i have seen and one i would definitely see again. The songs were fab, great acting, great sets and the singers, well, were phenominal. We had front row circle seats so the best view! After the show we got the tube back and went to The Living Room for a cocktail, What a lovely end to the evening. Then back to the hotel and slept okish but i never sleep brilliantly on hotels.
Up early and got some coffee and croissants in the room. Set off fairly early as we walked back to the station via St Pancras as my friend hasn't seen the new station and she was impressed. If you haven't seen it i would definitely recommend going to have a look.

So then back to Euston and naughty naughty - Krispy Kreme donuts and a Starbucks! To be honest i found the donuts a little bit sickly and sugary for me.

Pendalino ride back and again a quesy ride and then back from Birmingham to Sheffield. It had been a packed but fun couple of days.
Yesterday i popped into the Neonatal unit with Corey to say hello and they all thought he was fabulous(which he of course is!), then it was off to Tescos for some shopping. Pizza Hut for tea last night and i definitely need to go running now or i'll be getting porky again.
Today Dave has gone canoeing up in Flamborough so Corey and I are having a day together and are going to head out on the train somewhere.
Hope you all have a fab weekend!

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